Put Random Domains With The Rest Of The Domains:

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Put Random Domains With The Rest Of The Domains:

Postby inDASHcorrect » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:35 am

I have a concern about the "Random Domains" that you make unavailable to select. I want to enjoy everything about Adfly but I can't do that if I can't choose these domains. Somebody said that the domains were not available for selection is because the domains would get banned. But eventually, they are going to get banned anyways!! So I really want to choose the domains whether they are banned or not.

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Re: Put Random Domains With The Rest Of The Domains:

Postby Xellon » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:27 am

Random domains are permanent. The first random domain I shrunk is still available and clickable. If they don't work anymore, its because they were deleted automatically by a spam detection or dmca.

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Re: Please Put More Domains Permanently On The Selection List:

Postby inDASHcorrect » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:08 pm

I know this is long but here is more information about my Idea and Suggestion:

These "Random Domains" show up when they generate very short. Once they reach 4 or 5 characters, they disappear and they are unavailable to select for new links. Usually it is a new domain that shows up every week, one domain that replaces the previous domain. If I remember correctly. It was Microify one week, and then Atomcurve the next week. Once Microify generated links became longer, it was replaced. What I mean is: When selected "Random Domain $$$$" as an option, it no longer generates a link from Microify. Instead, Atomcurve (or whatever it was) appeared. These two domains are long unavailable for selection and have been replaced with numerous domains, one after the other, week after week. I guess I am picky because if I want to have an article with links from the same domain, I want to have them from the same domain. But if I did not generate the links from "Random Domain" fast enough, I would end up with two links from one domain and one link from a different domain. I want them to be from the same Random domain.

There are other forum posts inquiring about the Random Domains. One post I read was asking if Random Domains really made more money. The reply was that they are the same amount of money, but it combats being banned by ISP or something like that.

... But eventually these domains would also get banned, right?! I do not understand why these domains are grouped into "Random Domains", and I use them in quotes because they aren't random. It seems they are more like Limited Time Only domains.

Since "Random Domains" are replaced again and again, it seems the main purpose of "Random Domains" is to keep them as short as possible.

Perhaps my Idea and Suggestion should have been titled as: Please give me more domains to select from the list permanently. If there is Adf.ly, j.gs, q.gs, ... I would like there to be a few more domains always available to select. If you have millions of "Random Domains", perhaps you could put some of them to the main list.

I am not concerned about how long the links are. I would like to still be able to use any domain for selection even if they are "long". Also I want them to appear permanently in the selection list.

Thank you for considering this idea and suggestion.

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