Request for comment

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Request for comment

Postby prelux » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:45 am


I have used adfly many times for diferent projects and i have published tools to use adfly here in the forum but never use it directly to generate coins. I'm feeling a bit of a pain in the ***.

What seems to be the problem with this, it isn't about the money because i have made more money online without this. Is it about micro economy or is the funding/advertisers of the site? What are the structure problem with this money making method?

Well if it's traffic i have generate more traffic to other links and methods and no problems has raisen.

About users they tend to quit because they use this service for the "make money fast" schemes and since it isn't profitable because you can only generate little to nothing money they quit.

Any reactions or comments?

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Re: Request for comment

Postby Xellon » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:19 pm

I'm still educating myself when it comes to marketing online and building up an income. A couple years back, I started as a publisher and did a few tricks to earn $5 here and there. I then switched to advertising and probably paid a total of $1k USD (over time) since it was earning me sells (unfortunately the company I was advertising ended up shutting down so the money I spent was wasted).

At present, I'm not using because I want to build trust with google and facebook since they don't like their ads unfortunately. However, I think the main reason why people tend to quit is because they have no direction.

I think that if builds a training system for new users, they would be more willing to try a bit harder and not give up so quickly. can produce many new accomplished publishers if they did this. Now I haven't advertised here in years but when I did, I feel it works and the conversion rates are decent but it depends on what your niche is normally. But even their advertising can improve. Maybe find some way to allow advertisers to target a certain audiance. I'm not sure how they would do that though.

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Re: Request for comment

Postby prelux » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:05 pm

I'm really not interested in been an advertiser. In my point of view there are too many ways to advertise that i simply prefer to use my brains to flip those numbers up by building advertising bots and automate processes, still i enjoy to dedicate my time passing around those tools. Normally the numbers are small but if it returns a result then that means that is working.

My big concept is create tools, test them, obtain any result, distribute the tools. If it has a good value then release a demo to turn users into buyers. My most popular tool is questionable to advertise but i did retrieve some good money for something that was almost dead. The progress that i have registered is that at first it was for my personal use, then a few years later i took the idea and improve it, then i start receiving good feedback and users where using it. That was the problem i should have made a video and not distribute a demo nevertheless, since then, when a purchase is made i improve the code. It has been a few months since the last purchase but with a little faith it may happen again.

I have been aproach from another company that paid me as a publisher a few years back and they asked if i wanted to advertise with them but the minimum was $500 and i don't have that kind of budget for a CPM campaign. In another site i had interest to advertise because it was the perfect niche for the tool the minimum was $60 for 468x60 banner during 1 month but the webmaster didn't guarantie sales. This way it was a bit uncertain if i invest $60 with the price of tool being $20 it will have to generate 3 sells to cover the advertising per month and a few extra sells to keep the budget healthy. I did check some stats without the webmaster knowing and 53,777 clicks for 1 banner is way good but i'm uncertain about it. (How this will roll, if i'm going to have a huge bad time as i did have as a webmaster, etc)

When it comes to google and facebook it's a NO THANKS.

Back to the topic i see that it's possible to create and expand the services and tools to use but most of the communities that i use normally block short urls, so, you have to brainstorm ideas that can be aceptable. The last idea was incorporate diferent short urls into one file. (Let's see what that turns out)

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