Game Idea To Earn Ongoing Constant Adfly Bucks

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Game Idea To Earn Ongoing Constant Adfly Bucks

Postby TheEnquisitor » Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:33 pm

I'm not really into 2d/3d pc or console or arcade or mobile phone games. Therefore, wondering what kind of game to build that would continuously keep the players clicking all over their screens o that we get the chance to show the player our adfly links ? :?:

Game Idea -
ANGRY EGGs or sHOOTING EGGs or Alien EGGs - How-about a game where eggs are hurled at you and you have to shoot them down before they hit your face ? Clicking the mouse on the egg images means you shot the egg down. And if they reach your face and smash into it and break with nothing but yolk inside then you gain a point but if inside was an angry chic then you lose a point. But if you shoot any down before they hit your face and the egg break showing yolk inside then you lose a point but if an angry alien chic was inside then you score a point.
There would be many eggs and all coming at you from many height positions trying to drive you confused and crazy. Clicking (shooting down) the eggs with the alien chic inside would result in the click on the chic img showing a profile of another player (who chose that egg) and you would see his list of LIKEs and what keywords he's been searching online and what websites he's been visiting during each of his keywords search. Reading his LIKEs etc. would tell you if he is a customer lead for you or not.
NOTE: The whole purpose of players playing this game is to shoot down alien eggs who are represented by other players. And so, each player is an alien egg. Defeating an egg result in you taking advantage of your defeated opponent and having his secrets revealed to you (list of LIKEs and what keywords he's been searching online and what websites he's been visiting during his keywords search). But if you lose the game where you got shot down by another player then that player gets access to your profile to learn your secrets.

This game has 3 qualities -
1. It pits players against each other and makes it fun. Players can be from any part of the globe playing against each other.
2. It attracts marketers to play (in order to find customer leads).
3. It attracts the unemployed, teens, house-wives, etc. to play the game to earn money when their winning opponents (marketers, etc.) view their ad filled profiles.

Another game I'm pondering ....
"Take the chair underneath the hooilgan's bottom and smash it on his head before he can get-up and SmaSh it on your'S!" Lol!

Anyway, would you be interested to play these games ? And can you think of a good game idea which I can build so when people play we get the chance to show them our adfly links ?

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