How to report abuse

General questions and concerns regarding any abuse of the service, rules or methods used.
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This is a public forum, for general questions and comments regarding any abuse of the service. If you wish to report abuse please use our official reporting page ( This will allow you to enter the necessary information we require and optionally upload a screenshot. This is the quickest route to getting the problem solved.
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How to report abuse

Post by Xellon » Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:04 pm

Here is a example of how to report abuse:


If any of the following occurs, please click on the report abuse button during the advert:


Note there may be cases where you have to report after clicking skip ad as well and not just during

1 - a small pop window warning appears during your 5 second wait
2 - adult ads
3 - report the site if after you click skip ad, you are not directed to the destination site
4 - report the site if after you click skip ad, you are forced to view a pop under due to a pop window on the ad site

Depending on your browser, a pop under should appear in a new tab, or behind your browser and never in front. It should not be an annoyance.

There are other examples on what you need to report on our terms of service -

They don't occur often, but things like frame breaking, malware, cookie stuffing, etc should also be reported. Help us to keep our ads clean.
support was unable to find the malicious ad
If they can't find it, then it wasn't there in the first place. Please install and run CcCleaner free ver in administrator mode. This should take care of it. If it doesn't, you will need to do a virus scan.

I recommend malwarebytes home free trial version. To make extra sure, dl adware cleaner and run it in custom install mode. Make sure you uncheck and disagree with any extra bloatware. There is also spyware blaster and spyware search and destroy, both are good to have. Search and destroy will edit your host file land block most malicious sites and add extra non-real time protection. You will still want a virus protector like windows defender, nortan, etc for real time protection.