Sell Dumps With Pin ATM Gilf Cards apple/amazon/ebay( cloned cards atm 2023

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Re: Sell Dumps With Pin ATM Gilf Cards apple/amazon/ebay( cloned cards atm 2023

Post by Danica589 » Tue May 21, 2019 4:03 pm

Certainly, we make withdrawals for personal use but limiting cash transactions in smaller cities due to safety concerns. Collaborating with agents in other cities is risky as they may be law enforcement story saver. Selling is a safer option; however, continuous cash withdrawals pose risks, making it challenging to legitimize the source. Bitcoin provides a secure alternative, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into businesses without scrutiny. Our faith in Bitcoin extends to potential wealth (jokes aside), and selling to others minimizes their Bitcoin needs for transactions.

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Sell Dumps With Pin ATM Gilf Cards apple/amazon/ebay( cloned cards atm 2023

Post by buydumps » Sun Aug 27, 2023 3:40 am

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Re: Sell Dumps With Pin ATM Gilf Cards apple/amazon/ebay( cloned cards atm 2023

Post by buydumps » Tue Aug 29, 2023 2:35 am

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We obtain hacked credit cards data and then write this data to a plastic card, We provide complete info and pin code to a buyer and you can easily cashout the real money from any ATM around the world. You will get complete cloned card details along with the card. We provide 24 hours delivery within USA,Uk,Canada,Germany and Dubai etc. For All other countries shipping time will be different.
We also sell CVV prepaid cards that can be used online on any website to buy. We transfer from bank logs to merchant Walleto UAB prepaid card service and you will get online access to view virtual cc, balance, billing/name and transactions you must provide real number so when you buy you get sms code to approve transaction but all other data name/billing can be fake of your choice.

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Easy Cash-Out at ATM's/In-Stores/Money Orders
Cards Can Be Used Anywhere In The World
Ready to Use Out of the Box (Pre-Encoded)
PIN, RFID (Tap to Pay), & Balance Included
In-House Card Manufacturing & Encoding
3 Distinctive Segments of Cards

“Cloned Cards” are in-house manufactured physical cards based on skimmed data we collect from our network, this data is collected off ATM’s, Gas Stations, & POS Machines. Our network is quite expansive due to our client based network and P2P data affiliate infrastructure (Learn More In Our Book). We are then left with tons of data we cannot cash out within our own geographic region, so we encode this liquidated data to clients cards that do meet the geographic region capable of cashing out.

There are three partitions of Cards based on geographical regions: 🇺🇸 USA Cards, 🇬🇧 UK Cards, and International Cards; as banks use region security blocking as geographically based. We then segment our cards in three categories “Mid-Balance”, “High-Balance”, & “Super-High Balance”. These segments are built upon variables such as: Balance, ATM Limit, & Bank Variant, and is the segment which ultimately factors into the price of Cloned Card.



USD/BTC Mid-Balance Clone Card (Price: $260)
High-Balance Clone Card (Price: $400)
Super-High Balance Clone Card (Price: $875)
Card Balance $1,300 (Min)
— $2,500 (Max) $2,500 (Min)
— $4,000 (Max) $5,000 (Min)
— $8000 (+)
ATM Withdrawal Limitation
$1,000/day (2 Sessions of $500) $1,000 — $1,500/day (2-3 Sessions of $500)
$3,000 — $4,500/day (6-9 Sessions of $500)
Banks Chase, Charles Schwab, Capital One, & PNC
Suntrust, Citi, Wells Fargo, BB&T, & PNC
Goldman Sachs & Private Personal Banking
Card Type
Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard)
Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard)
Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard)
PIN Four Digit Pin, Overlay Pin Transmitted (Multi)
Four Digit Pin, Collected from Overlay POS/ATM
Four Digit Pin, Collected from Overlay POS/ATM
Data Acquisition In-House Skimmers & Skimming Network
In-House Skimmers & Skimming Network
Skimming Network, Subordinate, & Private Sale


id-Balance Clone Card (Price: £210)
High-Balance Clone Card (Price: £320)
Card Balance £1040 (Min) — £2000 (Max)
£2000 (Min) — £3190 (Max)
Atm Withdrawal Limitation
£800/Day (2 Sessions of £400)
£800/Day — £1,200/Day (2-3 Sessions of £400)
Banks HSBC (Premier) & Barclays (Premier)
Card Type Debit Card, Bank Issued (VISA & Mastercard)
PIN Four Digit Pin, Overlay Pin Transmitted (Multi)
Data Acquisition Skimming Network & Subordinate

EUR/BTC Mid-Balance Clone Card (Price: €210)
High-Balance Clone Card (Price: €320)
Card Balance
€1040 (Min) —€2000 (Max)
£2000 (Min) — €3190 (Max)
Atm Withdrawal Limitation
€800/Day (2 Sessions of €400)
€800/Day — €1,200/Day (2-3 Sessions of €400)
Banks International (Premier) & International (Premier)
Card Type
Debit Card, Bank Issued (VISA & Mastercard)
PIN Four Digit Pin, Overlay Pin Transmitted (Multi)
Data Acquisition
Skimming Network & Subordinate



1. Submit An Inquiry

2. Tell Us Your Shipping Information

3. We Manufacture & Encode Card

4. We message for Proof, Finalization, & Payment

5. We Ship within 2 days
6. You Unbox Parcel (Is reading book with card attach in random page and pin is sent by email & Read Guide

7. You Cash Out ATM Limit Balance

8. You Cash-out Rest of Balance (In-store or Money Order)

9. User Cancels Card within days

10. Card is Dead but you cash out money in time, Time To Submit Another Order

Is it Safe?
Yes, it’s absolutely safe if you do a little effort and don't let others around the ATM see how the card looks like.

Do you accept Escrow?
Yes, you can. We recommend using the escrow service on

How can I trust you?
We has been working since 2009 and looking at professionalism of members of our team and positive responses of our clients, you can be convinced that we are legit. If you do not get a cards, we will refund the money! If you do not trust us, you can always make your order through Escrow.

Is it safe to receive the cards to my own address?
All cards are safe for delivery and are not prohibited items. We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, books, magazines and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with a high quality of printing and embossing.

To what countries do you ship?
USA 1-3 DAYS with MOSTLY WITH UPS OR DHL with Tracking
RUSSIA 6-9 DAYS with Tracking then passed to Russian National Postal Service for delivery to your address. (Tracking not always accurate as there is delay in update until received in Russia)

What countries can I use these cards?
Visa and MasterCard are international cards, and you can withdraw them at any ATM.

Can I use these Online buy things?
No they do not work online. Just to withdraw at ATM but I have another service where I sell prepaid cards for online buying just ask me.

Why don't you withdraw yourselves?
Of course, we withdraw for ourselves. But we cannot cash much money in one small city, because it is dangerous. It is also very dangerous to cooperate with agents in other cities, because they can be the police. It is easier and safer for us to deal with the sale. It's easy to withdraw small scale cash but when we keep doing it it becomes riskier as we have to prove where the money came from and it's very hard to launder cash into businesses. We need bitcoin directly so we can launder it into other businesses without banks, local jurisdictions asking us questions. We also believe in Bitcoin and hope to get rich with it. (Jokes) It works better if we sell to other people because they need few of them to pay off things.
example picking up from atm with clone card **blurred for protection
or message me via private message on forum

ICQ : 683485306
Telegram: @bigshop79
Whatapp : : +84932475671

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