[GAME] Rope Heroes - The Hangers Game

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[GAME] Rope Heroes - The Hangers Game

Post by CodeCubeBrother » Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:43 am

Now it's here!!! Toughest and most dangerous physics game you've ever played!!!

These tiny ROPE HEROES needs iron nerves, bone heads and steel pants.
Really fun single and multiplayer game with incredibly relaxed touch. Totally amazing party game with your friends.

In this game you get tough hits and knocks, you have to fly high into the sky and make incredible flips and rotations. Can you jump to the longest and make a new world record?

• Crazy and dangerous rope adventure in the cave, where you have to avoid touch the dangerous tabs and walls. In this game panic and danger are present every moment!
• Make incredible front- and backflips, the best players are able to make up to double or triple flips. You have to survive very tight and difficult places in the cave!

• Make stunning tricks on the rope and try to strike the opponent's head off his shoulders and become a true fighter master. (NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED)

• More SPEED, more DANGER & more FUN. Really incredible and insane cave racing!!! THIS IS SO CRAZY!!!

• Swing Jump - Crazy jumping game (best or summed result)
• Endless Run - A fast-paced cave adventure (best or summed result)
• Swing Fight - Insane fighting game with the rope (2 players)
• Extreme Run - Crazy cave running game (best or summed result)

• Touch the phone screen to climb the rope up and the rope disappears when you remove the finger from the screen, by repeating this you will be able to get more speed.

• We built challenging and crazy caves for every day, do not break your bones!

• Super Awesome Hero

Put the cap on your head tighter and the game can begin!!! You do not survive without bruising in this game.

In this game everyone can be a hero!

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GAME Rope Heroes The Hangers Game

Post by igyltisltruu » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:01 pm

you may have better luck on more gaming-specific communities. The gaming threads here are not as active I remember them being in the past.

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