Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Post by ryderer » Tue Jan 25, 2022 4:53 am

The poppy playtime game has been so well received that fans have been raving about the release of a second chapter.

Poppy Playtime is a classic horror game, explore the factory and try to survive without being killed by the toys.

Players explore an ancient toy factory in poppy playtime chapter 1 while being followed by Huggy Wuggy. This first chapter has a lot of puzzles but not a lot of action. To access the door to the Security room, you must solve the first puzzle, which requires you to complete a precise color input.

You must first memorize the color combination to enter before you can open the Security room door. You'll need to go to the Gift Shop to do so. A train on a hanging track can be found on the top of the Gift Shop. Observe the train and take note of the various pieces' colors. You will receive four different hues.

Colors should be entered into the Security Door Pad.

Return to the Security room door once you've noticed the four colors. Interact with the pad and enter the colors for the door lock that you have. It doesn't matter what order you do things in, and if you make a mistake, you can always try again. The colors are as follows: Green \Pink \Yellow \Red.

The door will open when you enter the four colors specified above. You'll need to enter the Security Office to finish the chapter because you'll need the Blue hand that's inside. Inside the chamber, there is also a VHS that you can gather.

Homepage of the Poppy playtime game: https://poppyplaytimeonline.com/

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Re: Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Post by Sarahlisa » Mon May 16, 2022 3:00 am

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