How to create a successful campaign?

Ask how you can improve your site to increase your leads/sells when advertising though
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How to create a successful campaign?

Post by ninioe1 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:25 pm

Hello everyone,
I am trying to find the right formula for a successful campaign.
No Advertiser wants to throw his money away.
I have tried to publish my website on and I got a lot of traffic indeed but zero conversions.

So I thought about it...
This is a huge traffic with low engagement, how can I produce something positive from this traffic?

The individual surfer is only passing through on his way to the target of the shorten link.
He is not interesting in baying any product or leave his name and email on any Squeeze Page,
all he wants is to continue to his next destination, and I only have 5 sec to get his attention.

Then I came out with this idea:
Maybe instead of trying to sell him something I could convince him to share my link in return to some kind of reward...

So I wrote a script that expose any content I want after the user share my link (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter),
and now I am looking for ideas for rewards.

I have tried YouTube videos (poor results so far):

I am willing to share my script with anyone who finds a good idea for reward that I could use in my advertising page.

Thanks you all

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Re: How to create a successful campaign?

Post by Xellon » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:32 pm

Problem is, I doubt many people would take the time to stop to watch random videos they have no intention of watching. You need to peek their interest in those 5 seconds.

Location also makes a huge difference. Let me tell you my results once before.

Bout a year ago, I made a campaign simply about "how to make money online." I literately just had a white background with big bold text at the top that said "how to make money online in 2013 (remember this was last year)." Then I simply put "to find out more, subscribe" and that was it.I tested on USA traffic, terrible results. Out of 2000 visitors, maybe only 2-10 subscribed. I used world wide traffic, very nice results. Since its cheaper, 10,000 visitors and maybe 30% subscribed. Same for proxy traffic.

In the USA, we are often taught "college = lots of money" We are also often taught ads that sound too good to be true is probably a scam. Unfortunately, most people work pay check to pay check cause its hte only way they know how to earn a living. They get stuck in the "system (school, college, work till your 65 then retire)." Often though, I find people from outside the usa trying to make money anyway they can and their willing to take more risks.

Thats what I believe anyway. Most people using a proxy can't access sites due to country block so mostly you will get traffic from outside the usa. Location makes a huge difference. Now, say for usa traffic, you make a squeeze page like "see Justin beavers latest performance" obviously you would get a lot of female subscribers. You just gotta know whats hot.

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