How To Prevent Others Abusing Your Adfly Publisher Id ?

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How To Prevent Others Abusing Your Adfly Publisher Id ?

Post by TheEnquisitor » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:56 pm


How to prevent others using your Adfly Id on their links ?
Let us say, I list my bookmarks on my blogafter converting them to adfly links using the FULL PAGE SCRIPT.
Let us say, I got a massive blog readership and they regularly click my Adfly links and earn me money.
Now, let us say that I attract an envious adfly publisher who is not making enough income with Adfly and let us assume that I am earning huge amounts and the envyer decides to get me blacklisted at Adfly to get my account banned. And so, he grabs my Adfly Publisher Id from the links on my bookmarks list page and then opens a blog somewhere and starts listing porn links using my Adfly Id that he grabbed from my bookmarks list page.
Now, how are you gonna prevent an envious person from using others' Adfly Publisher Id to convert them to porn links ? What measures do you have in place to prevent this from happening (prevent others from using your Adfly Publisher Id instead of their's) ? How can we prevent others using our Adfly Publisher IDs ?

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Re: How To Prevent Others Abusing Your Adfly Publisher Id ?

Post by SupportAdFly » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:35 pm

While AdFly cannot control what happens outside their platform, we investigate every case individually to determine the reason for the violation. If you have any problem related to your links being abused by a third party, please contact our support so they can investigate further:

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